Aviator Game Strategy

We tested the best strategies and tactics when playing for real money on the Aviator game. With the right approach you can increase your chances.

aviator strategy

Since Aviator uses provably fair technology, each outcome is virtually unpredictable. However, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of winning the game.

Aviator Winning Strategies

It’s all about tactics, patience and a little luck. There is no exact formula on how to win on the Aviator game. However, there are some strategies you can try to improve your chances.

One-Bet Aviator Strategy

The best option for novices is the one-bet strategy because you’ll be able to pay close attention to how each round is going by focusing on one bet at a time. The amount of your casino account determines the bet amount per round. We advise that you have enough funds in your casino account to cover at least 100 wagers, ideally 200.

In other words, if you have $10 in your account, we advise placing 10-cent bets. You may place larger bets, but you’ll need more funds in your account to do so. There are three options for the one-bet approach that you may select from:

Minimum Risk Tactics

Although you won’t win a large jackpot right away with this low-risk technique, it’ll make you feel more secure while playing the game because it puts less of your money at risk. Essentially, this approach aims to prevent you from losing a lot of money in a single round by placing tiny bets.

Your wagers should be modest, and you should cash out each round at a multiplier of 1.20x to play cautiously utilizing this technique. The auto-cashout option can be enabled and set to that multiplier. Doing this may reduce losses and progressively increase your balance over time.

Moderate Risk Tactics

This strategy is advised for players with a greater bankroll who don’t mind the added loss risk. While using this strategy, you’ll still place lesser bet values, but you try to pay out between 2x and 3x multipliers. Once more, you may make this cashout automated to assist you.

There’s a 41% chance that the outcomes will have a multiplier in this range. With any luck, you’ll not only maintain a positive bankroll balance but also have a good chance of quickly increasing your total.

Risky Tactics

Players who believe themselves to be very lucky or those with a sizable bankroll who prefer placing high-risk wagers should use this method. The Aviator game delivers multipliers greater than 100 every 1.5 hours on average.

Check the game data to see when a multiplier of 100x or more last occurred, and then put your bets one hour later. You should play for around 30 minutes, pause for an hour, and then play for another 30 minutes. Only when the multiplier is greater than 100x should you cash out.

Two Bet Aviator Strategy

This bet type is similar to the one-bet approach. However, because you’re simultaneously placing two bets, it needs more concentration. For most players, the best option is a game with a moderate level of risk. Therefore, we advise setting the auto-cashout option to the multiplier of 1.2x for the initial wager.

Employ the moderate risk one-bet approach for your second wager. If you’d like, you may also use the auto choices. We suggest you pay out at 40x with one bet and at 100x with the other if you wish to play at a bigger risk.

Betting Systems to Win the Aviator Game

There are several alternative betting strategies that can increase your chances of winning. Some betting strategies for Aviators are based on actual experience and success, while others are just mathematical models that may or may not be reliable. Here are the most widely used betting systems today.

Martingale Betting System

According to this system, you double your wager after each loss so that your first win covers all of your losses and nets you a profit equal to your initial bet. The idea behind it is that you will ultimately prevail. The main issue with this is that you need a sizable bankroll.

Labouchere Betting System

The Labouchere system is often referred to as the split martingale system or the cancellation system. This method involves deciding how much money you want to win before you begin playing and writing down positive numbers that add up to that amount. With each wager, you wager a sum equal to the first and last numbers on your list.

The sums are omitted from the list if the wager is successful. The amount lost is added to the list’s end if the wager is a failure. This procedure is repeated until the list is finished, the target sum has been won, or your funds are depleted.

Fibonacci Betting System

Every time you lose using this strategy, you must increase your bet by advancing one position up the Fibonacci sequence. You should advance two numbers in the sequence after each successful wager. The goal is to make up losses and profit further by making systematic bigger bets after losses, which may help you do both.

D’Alembert Betting System

The foundation of this approach is the assumption that you should consistently win around the same amount of even money wagers as you lose. You choose your beginning number, and after each defeat, you raise your subsequent wager by the same amount. You reduce your wager by the same beginning amount after each win.

Paroli Betting System

Positive progression is the foundation of the Paroli betting method. First, you choose the amount you wish to start the cycle with. If you win your wager, you double your bet. After three consecutive wins, you return to the base stake. If you lose, you stay at the same stake.

Make sure you to place your bet before the plane takes-off

What is the Best Strategy for Winning?

You must have a sound balance, an effective staking plan, and a predetermined target winning amount to triumph in the Aviator game. While playing, you’ll need to be either patient or aggressive, and either approach has pros and cons.

However, none of the approaches and strategies mentioned guarantee success. You’re always free to make new discoveries, take chances, and succeed. For new players or more cautious players, the one-bet approach is best. The two-bet approach is probably preferable for risk-taking players who desire greater excitement and possible rewards after the session. There’s nothing wrong with any of the aforementioned tactics.

Therefore, we advise trying them all out to get a feel for them and the game. You can also use the free demo mode to test out some of the tactics and discover which ones work best for you.

How Much Can You Win on Aviator?

The maximum bet on Aviator is $100. The maximum multiplier that the game can reach is 1,000,000x. That means that the maximum you can win per bet is $100,000,000. However, different casinos have been noted as putting maximum winning restrictions on the game, and the highest wins recorded to date happen around the 40,000 multiplier range.

Make sure to cash out before the plane flies away

Aviator Game Tips and Tricks

Since Aviator is still a relatively new online casino game, there aren’t many established winning methods available right now. Nevertheless, players generally agree on a few Aviator game strategy techniques.

  • Place Two Bets Each Round: Placing two bets on the same round will reduce your losses and raise your gains. To do this, place a bet where the gains have the potential to pay your stake for the other bet whole or in part. You’ll have a good chance of recovering part of your stake if your bet on the lesser odds wins. No matter what odds you’re waiting for, keep in mind that there are no guarantees.
  • Use Auto Options: You can choose between two bets and two automatic bet selections in the Aviator game. For better outcomes, you should place both bets and take advantage of both auto choices. As follows: Auto Bet automatically places a wager equal to your previous wager or Auto Cashout pays out your wager according to your specified multiplier.
  • Bet High and Cashout Fast: You can wager more and payout as soon as possible to make it profitable. By doing this, you can probably cash out while still turning a respectable profit.

On a leaderboard at the top of the screen, you can see the Aviator history and see the largest victories from the previous day, month, and year. For each wager, the stake, multiplier, and overall winnings are displayed.

The RTP for Aviator is 97%, which is significantly higher than the RTP for other online casino games. Aviator is a liberal game since slot games, for instance, typically need an RTP of 96% to be deemed decent.

Yes, the Aviator Game’s demo mode is available without charge. This will let you practice the game without putting your own cash at risk.

Spribe created the Aviator casino game. With an emphasis on casino games, Spribe provides the iGaming market with cutting-edge, captivating games.

It’s not difficult at all to play Aviator. The gameplay is uncomplicated, and the controls are simple. There’s a tutorial in the game rules section if you need assistance learning the game. It’s a fun game that isn’t extremely difficult or intricate.