Provably Fair System

Each game round in Aviator is traceable, transparent and therefore fair. Learn how to check your bet fairness in this article.

aviator provably fair game

It means that an online casino can’t cheat players because the outcome of the game is provable, transparent and verifiable.

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How to verify the fairness of your bet

“Provably Fair” cryptographic innovation is the foundation of Aviator. This technique guarantees 100% fairness of the games. The “Fly away” multiplier for each round isn’t created on the casino’s servers. It’s completely transparent and produced with the aid of round players.

STEP 1: Place a Bet: Before the timer expires and the new round begins, place one or two wagers. A server seed is combined with three player or client seeds when a round begins. The ‘SHA512’ hash created from the combined symbols yields the game’s outcome.

STEP 2: View the Bet: You can check bets in the bet history. You find this by clicking on the menu button at the top right of the screen. By selecting the green shield icon with the tick in it, you may review the fairness of every round in the game’s history.

STEP 3: Click the Provably Fair Tab: You can see the server seed, three player seed pairs, the aggregate hash, and the round outcome in the opened window. The next round’s server seed hash is always publicly accessible in the settings window’s “Provably Fair Settings.” Here, you may also modify the client seed.

STEP 4: Verify the Bet: Any internet calculator may be used to verify the hash’s accuracy. For convenience, we provided a calculator below:

Verify your Aviator Result

Any player can use a method called “provably fair” to determine whether their bet’s outcome was random and fair. The following are the main tenets:

Provably fair technology advantages

  • Everyone can see every outcome.
  • All wins and losses records are kept in writing and can’t be changed.
  • The hash of each participant’s transactions may be used to check the round’s outcome.

This is based on function hashing and a random number generator. The method employs three major parameters in its work:

  1. The server seed
  2. The customer seed
  3. The nonce

Even before you press the play button, Provably Fair has already begun functioning. The random number generator generates the outcome of the round. The outcome is then encoded and revealed to the player as a server seed. A client seed is created by your browser.

A variable called ‘Once’ grows by one per round. Simply said, this is how many bets you have. You can use each factor to determine if the game’s result was fair. Following your wager, the casino server mixes the client seed plus nonce with the server seed to produce the round’s outcome as a 64-bit hash. You see the outcome as a number.