Play Aviator with Bitcoin

Crypto gambling is becoming more popular at Aviator Casinos. It gives you more transparency, fast transactions and lower fees.

aviator gamble with crypto

Gambling with crypto currencies is a great way to enjoy the Aviator game. They provide you with anonymity, fast transactions and low fees.

Crypto Gambling Advantages

Choosing to play Aviator with cryptocurrency comes with several advantages.

  • Fast transactions – Crypto payments at casinos get you quick deposits and withdrawals, especially compared to fiat methods. It means you don’t lose time when you could be playing or celebrating. Most transactions are processed within minutes, with deposits appearing instantly and most withdrawals becoming available on the same day after approval.
  • International access – Many casino sites accept players from different countries. However, it can get expensive if you have to convert to another currency to play there. That’s not an issue with cryptos like Bitcoin. They’re an international currency, so you can deposit and play at a wide choice of casinos.
  • Security – Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology for transactions. Everything gets recorded on the public ledger, which is stored on servers in multiple locations. Due to that fact, it’s virtually impossible to hack or manipulate, which means all transactions can be traced. It means that attempts at fraud are much less likely.
  • Anonymity – There are now several crypto casinos that allow you to sign up with a username and your crypto wallet details. It means you can gamble anonymously without the transactions linked to your name or bank account. It’s a step away from centralization toward improved privacy.

Best Crypto Casinos

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What Cryptocurrencies Can You Use for Playing Aviator?

There are several options out there for playing Aviator with crypto.

Bitcoin Aviator

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency. In fact, its name is synonymous with the phenomenon. As such, it’s one of the most widely available options at crypto casinos. It’s also easy to purchase at a crypto exchange.

Ethereum Aviator

Ethereum is another excellent choice of cryptocurrency for playing Aviator. The currency, also represented as ETH, is found at almost every crypto casino out there. Some traditional fiat casinos are now taking a hybrid approach and including Ethereum as a payment option.

Litecoin Aviator

Litecoin or LTC is another popular cryptocurrency. Its value might be easier for you to equate to the dollar as 1 LTC is often around $60, although that might fluctuate. That’s in contrast to the value of 1 BTC or ETH, which is currently close to $20,000 or $1,500, respectively.

Monero Aviator

For playing the popular game Aviator, you might choose to deposit and withdraw with Monero or XMR. The exchange rate to the dollar is favorable, but you might not find it as a banking option at every crypto casino.

More Cryptocurrencies

There are plenty of other popular cryptocurrencies to choose from when playing Aviator. Some of the most common that you’ll find at crypto casinos are Dogecoin, Cardano, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. You might also find sites built around one particular currency and wallet, such as TRON.