Aviator Game

Aviator is an innovative game with an increasing multiplier. Place bet before the take-off and watch the flight. Your goal is to cash-out before the lucky plane flies away.

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How to Play Aviator
Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to play the Aviator game in 3 simple steps

STEP 1: Place Your Bet(s)

You can place one or two bets per round at the bottom of the screen by selecting and clicking your bet value.

STEP 2: Watch the Lucky Plane Flying

If you cash out before the plane leaves the screen, you win the round. If the plane leaves before you cash out, you forfeit your wager(s).

STEP 3: Cash Out

You need to cash out your bet or bets when you feel the time is right. Make sure to hit the button before the plane flies away!

How to win money on the Aviator game?

First you need to choose a reliable Aviator casino. That’s crucial because you want to make sure withdrawals are fast and safe. Then you can apply some of the Aviator winning strategies that can increase your chances of winning.

Aviator is a crash game with an increasing multiplier

Here are the 4 key facts to know about Aviator:

  1. The main and most important factor to remember in this game is that you’re in control of when you cash out, so you need to pay attention and cash out before the plane leaves the screen. If you don’t, then you’ll lose your bet. The rules are very simple on Aviator, so you don’t need to be a seasoned casino player.
  2. This game is simpler to understand than the fundamentals of blackjack, poker, or craps. This game’s significant social component is one of its other outstanding points. You must wait for each round to conclude because everyone bets on the same plane and has unlimited access to their earnings. The list of active bettors is shown on the left side of your screen.
  3. You may observe when each player decides to leave the current round as the game advances. The key component of Aviator, like many other online casino games, is openness. For any participant who might have any doubts, a provably fair is available to show them that this game is random.
  4. Selecting the tiny green shield icon seen in the game round history may verify that this is provably fair. There’s also a $10,000 maximum win cap for each wager.

Aviator Game Features

There are four main features that you’ll need to understand in order to play the Aviator game. Below, we’ve described them for you.

  • Bet: Two betting panels may be seen at the bottom of the screen. So, you can place two wagers concurrently. Choose your stake and click the “Bet” button to place a wager before the timer expires and the new round begins.
  • Auto Bet: By clicking the “Auto Play” button on the Bet Panel’s “Auto” tab, Auto Play may be started. You have three Auto Play options:
    • Stop If Cash Decreases By: This option halts Auto Play if the balance drops by the amount you choose.
    • Stop If Cash Increases By: This option halts Auto Play if the balance rises by the specified amount you stipulated.
    • Stop If Single Win Exceeds: This option halts Auto Play if a single victory surpasses the set amount.
  • Cashout: When you cash out, it’s in your hands. Press the “Cash Out” button at any time to withdraw your winnings from a round. You must do this separately for each wager if you place two bets. Your winning sum is equal to your wager times the Cash Out multiplier. If you don’t cash out before the plane flies away, your wager is forfeit.
  • Auto Cashout: On the Bet panel, click the “Auto” tab to access Auto Cash Out. Your wager will be automatically paid out after activation when it meets the multiplier you set.

Make sure to cash out while plane is still flying

In-Game Features

Other elements packed inside this outstanding online casino game offer further fun. These consist of:

  1. Live Bets: You can check how much fellow players have bet and when they cashed out throughout the round on the left side of the gameplay screen.
  2. Chat with Other Players: Aviator is a great game for interacting with other players. You can communicate with anyone playing this casino game. Using the fantastic built-in chat tool, you can exchange emoticons and GIFs and discuss your metrics.
  3. Live Statistics: You can check all player statistics during and after gameplay. A live leaderboard that displays the highest wins and multipliers throughout the course of a particular time is also available.

Aviator Game Promo Features

Unlike other casino games, Aviator is unique. By including three distinct promotions into the game that are designed to increase player involvement, it incorporates social components and makes gamers a part of the community.

  • Aviarace Tournaments: Events in the Aviarace series can be played in addition to standard wagering. The rules are straightforward: Players earn additional points for each victory. Top finishers get extra rewards after the race.
  • Rain Promo: At random intervals, this unique promotion function adds a certain number of free bets to the discussion. By tapping the “claim” button, any player can take advantage of these free bets.
  • Free Bets: Aviator provides casinos with free bets to give to players randomly, which get credited to the player’s account as a currency value.

You must place your bet before the round starts

Aviator Game RTP and Volatility

The online casino game Aviator has a 97% RTP, which is quite fair. This is above the industry average compared to most slot games. The “player control” principle serves as the foundation for the game. This implies that you control the decisions and have the ability to change the game’s result or volatility.

The volatility should, in principle, decrease the sooner you pay out your gains. By cashing out between 1.10x and 1.40x, you should be able to keep volatility low because it has been suggested that the airplane seems to take off between these multiples.

Aviator is a new kind of social game consisting of an increasing curve that can crash anytime. When round starts, the multiplier starts growing. Players must cash out before plane flies away!

Play Aviator in demo mode

Before signing up at a casino and making a deposit, you can try playing the Aviator demo game. To play the demo, follow these steps:

  1. Open the game in demo mode.
  2. Place your bet(s). You can stake from $0.01 to $100. The maximum wager per round is $200 since you can simultaneously play two bets.
  3. Wait for the betting window to close. The plane will start flying automatically.
  4. Watch it fly and cash out when you think it has hit the best multiplier before it flies off.
  5. Any winnings will be credited to you, and you can verify them.

If you ride it to the finish without it flying away, the multiplier can go up to 100x, which means you’ll win a hundred times your original wager.

There are several ways in which the Aviator game differs from other casino games. It contains an airplane in place of symbols, cards, paylines, number options, or any other conventional gaming tools. Second, rather than waiting until the round is through to view the results, you get to decide when to stop your plane and cash out.

No. Although most online gamers consider Aviator to be a slot machine, it isn’t one. This is because the player contributes a lot to it. Although it’s still mostly reliant on luck, the player is in charge of choosing when to stop and payout each round.

Yes, you may play Aviator on our mypokercoaching.com page completely for free. Additionally, virtually every online casino that offers this game allows you to test it out for free. This is because you’ll be playing the demo mode, where you can’t win any real money as you’ll play with virtual credit.

The Aviator game is legitimate and 100% secure. Given that Aviator is a brand-new and distinctive game in the gaming industry, it makes sense for some players to be concerned about it. However, there’s no need to worry since this game is provably fair, licensed, and certified.

Yes, there are a lot of casino games like Aviator. The most popular ones frequently operate on the same principles but with a rocket ship instead of an airplane. The most well-liked game substitute is one called Rocket Run.